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[China News] Go All Out to Ensure Graduates’Employment

2020-07-06 17:51:09

“Ah, your universityguarantees job huntingfor students, so you need to do well!” a law graduate surnamed Su from Hunan UniversityofTechnology and Business (HUTB) recalled what her father told her on the phone. On July 2, she signed a contract with a law firm after a half-month probation period.

“Since May, the teachers haverecommended seven or eight jobs to me, basically what I want to do, the School will provideaccordingly.” Su is a registeredimpoverished student, and what she feelsrepresentsthe common voice of many graduates ofHUTB. According to statistics, as of the end of June, the employment rateof HUTB graduatesreached 86%, slightly higher than the same period in previous years, while in mid-May more than a month ago, this figurewas only 20%. Behind the high data is an all-out effort to ensure graduates’employment.

A “Tough Battle” against Time

HUTBfocuses on new engineering and new businessdisciplines, and its graduates are mainly oriented to the front-line positions ofbusiness management. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has caused the downward pressure on the economy, the market expectation and confidence have been affected, and many enterprises facedifficulties in operating and have to downsize. Under this background, the employment of universitygraduates has become a hotspot of concern to the whole society.

“It faces both the most severe challenges and new opportunities.” Yi Yumei, Deputy Director of the Enrollment and Employment Guidance Divisionof HUTB, believes that the Party and the State attach great importance to the employment of university studentsand have issuedthe best policies and provided the best platform to enhance confidence and createconditions for universities to ensure graduates’employment.

With the orderly progress of resumption of work and school, HUTB regards employment as the top priority of all work. Tang Yayang, Secretary of the Party Committee of HUTB, and Academician Chen Xiaohong, President of HUTB, have held employer coordination meetings and on-site office meetings many times to listen to suggestionsandto find solutions forproblems: They emphasized, “It is not only a routine work, but also a political task”,“It is not just thecounselors’business, all teachers shouldbe involved”,“To combine promoting employment with giving play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members”,and “To invite enterprises to HUTBand talk with students face to face”....

In late May, HUTBlaunched the “100-day Action for Employment”, setting the employment rate of leaving school at the end of June at 70%, and the initial employment rate at the end of August at 90%. A “tough battle” against time kicked off: On June 1, the second batch of graduates of HUTBreturned; on June 5, the Universityheld the first offline job fair, with19 enterprises offering demands of949 people for 78 positions; on June 12, HUTBand Small and Medium Enterprises Service Center of Hunan Provincejointly held the “Hunan Enterprise Lecture”, with 65“LittleGiant” enterprisesfeaturing speciality, professionalism, uniqueness, and novelty in Hunan Province offering demands of 1,764 people for 177 positions; and from June 17 to 19, three days before the graduation ceremony, theUniversityevenheld three special job fairs jointly organized by Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liuyang City, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone and Changsha High-tech Zone, with 62 enterprises offering demands of over 1,700peoplefor 209positions. In addition to the previous online job fairs, HUTBhas held nearly 30 job fairs, providing nearly 7,000 positions, with the ratio of thenumber of demanders tothe number ofgraduates reaching 26:1, and nearly 3,000 students have reached their employment intentions through the job fairs the University organized.


Solvingthe Problem of “Slow Employment”

Besides being affected by the epidemic,mostgraduatesacted slow in or delayed their employment, whichbecameafactor hindering employment. To this end, the Universityvigorously carried out online employment guidance activities.Each schoolheld a video conference for unemployed graduates of graduating classes once a week forcentralized guidance. Meanwhile, the schools performed “one-to-one” personalized guidance via telephone, QQ and WeChat,forminga positive class atmosphere for employment.

Yang Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee in charge of student work at the School of Foreign Languages,saidthat this year's employment workwas mainly about helping each student with targeted andrepeatedefforts, fully mobilizing theirinitiative and enthusiasm, encouragingthemto send more resumes and attend more interviews, recommendingtalents to employers, and sometimes even communicating withstudents’ parents.When students hesitated, he encouraged them to seize opportunities and meet challenges; and when employers fluctuated, he directly communicated with the responsible persons,patiently and meticulously introducing students’ personality and development potentials.“Like squeezing toothpaste, we helpedstudents searchtheir positions one by one,” Yang Jian saidquite touchingly.

The School of Art & Design of HUTBtookemployment assistance and job position miningas an important starting point.“On the one hand, itshould bemade clear that each party member teacher needs to help two students with employment difficulties, and on the other hand, we needactively visit alumni enterprises formore jobs.” According to Yang Jia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, theyvisited more than ten alumni enterprises scattering in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha and other places, and held offline job fairs led by secondary collegesto listen to alumni's suggestions on personnel training.Thatnot only solved the employment work well, but also accumulated experience for the future talent training.

The School of Tourism Management was greatlyaffected by the epidemic. Itadheredto the guidance of “getting a jobfirstbeforechoosing a jobandstarting up business”andmade classified efforts in helping graduates with employment. The student party members tookthe lead in getting employed,the registered impoverishedstudents, the studentsfrom Hubei, and the students whoappliedfor assistancedue to employment difficulties were100% employed;graduates majoring inTourism Management and Hotel Managementwere encouragedto engage in the business administrationpositions, and professional teachers and thesis instructors were mobilizedtohelp graduates withemployment. Through these efforts, the School achieved remarkable results,with the graduates’ employment ratereaching 92%andranking first in the whole University.

Fostering New Opportunities and Opening New Horizons

In addition to doing a good job in the employment of its graduates, HUTBalsoserves asone of the 100 universities nationwidethatmonitor the employment statusof graduatesand participates in the “one-to-one” actionin the second batch of employment and entrepreneurship program for graduatesfrom national and Hubei universities and colleges. In this program, HUTB provides pairing assistancefor Hubei Business College.

On June 30, HUTBand Hubei Business Collegejointly held a network video double-electionfair, in which 23 enterprises offered demands of more than 1,200peoplefor 82positions. “Although students have leftthe university, theemployment service continues.” Yi Yumei told the author that how to efficiently help graduateswith employment under the background of regularepidemic prevention and control is a brand-new topic for universitiesand colleges. “This year’s employment is a tough battlewhich calls for smart and hard effortsand new ideas”. TheUniversityis working faster tosummarize experience foreffective referenceand long-term mechanism.

For example, HUTB seamlessly integratedonline and offline services. This year, in less than one month before graduation, HUTB arranged over fivemid-sized and above offline job fairswhich solved the some graduates’employment problems. Theoffline face-to-faceexchangesalso help studentstrain theirabilities and boostconfidence. “Caringand powerful” is the common impression of these job fairs onthe graduates.

HUTB coordinated the employment difficulties of graduates and the recruitment difficulties of enterprises. On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, HUTBcombined the recruitment needs of enterprises with the employment needs of students through video conferences, special recruitmentsand strategic cooperation agreementstopromote exchanges, to open up blockages and to broaden channels.This year, HUTB has signed cooperation agreements with a number ofenterprises, institutions and industrial parks. “HUTBis one of theuniversities and collegeswith the best employment services, and it’s the third yearthat I comehere forrecruitment,”Manager Zhu, Head of Human Resources from DeromMedicalGroup, told the author.

HUTB also did lots of efforts inhow toincorporateparentgroupsinto the employment system, how to mobilize teachers’resources to most widelyhelp employment work, and how to integrate enterprises’ demandsfor talents into talent training. “For some work, we’restillthinking ofideas, and for some work, we’vealready implementedsomething, likeofferingemployment servicesfor 2021 graduates in advance. The School of Literature and Journalism, the School of Art and Design and the School of Computer Science and Information Engineering all conducted research and counseling for 2021 graduates, and HUTBalso held the first 2021 air double-electionfairfor interns on June 29. As work experiencehas become more and more important, it is timely and critical to conduct internship recruitment during the summer vacation ofthejunior year,”said so byLi Bin, a juniorstudent. (Reported by Correspondent Chao Jinwen)

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